Journal articles

Goldhammer, R. (2017) "After the apocalypse: Identity and legitimacy in the postdigital heavy metal subculture".
Metal Music Studies, 3 (1) pp. 135–143

Book Chapters

Goldhammer R. (2019) Provincial Towns and Yorkshire Cities: Post-Punk Sounds, Suburban Escape, and Metro-Hegemony. In: Lashua B., Wagg S., Spracklen K., Yavuz M. (eds) Sounds and the City. Leisure Studies in a Global Era. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Conference papers

Goldhammer, R. (2017) "The perennial other: Goths, Townies, and Counterculture in Leeds during the Post-Punk Revival", paper presented to Boundaries and Ties: The place of metal music in communities,  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 9-11 June. <>

Goldhammer, R. (2017) "Black Stone and Brutal Steel: Mythology and the built environment in post-punk Leeds", paper presented to Leisure Studies Association (LSA) Conference, Leeds, UK. 4-6 July. <>

Goldhammer, R. (2017) "Lynch Mobs and Salami Tactics: Post-Punk, Northernness, and Masculinity at the Inaugural Ripper Trial", paper presented to The fourth Punk Scholars Network Conference and Symposium, Bolton, UK. 12-13 December. <>

Goldhammer, R. (2019) “‘Not you, you’re OK’: Race, Gender, and Oppositionality in Yorkshire Post-Punk Identity”, paper presented to the British Sociological Association (BSA) Annual Conference, Glasgow, UK. 24-26 April. <>

other publications

Goldhammer, R. (2017) "New globalism: A counterculture that could redraw the world map". The Conversation, January 6.
Republished: The Independent, Newsweek, and more...

Goldhammer, R. (2017) "Ten ways the UK could ensure a Eurovision Triumph". The Conversation, May 12.

Goldhammer, R. (2017) "Pro Wrestling and the Accidental Avant Garde". Souciant, October 3.

Goldhammer, R. (2018) "Hannah Arendt Was Here: The Ontology of Conscience". Souciant, February 2.