Punk rock politics


my debut documentary film

In May 2016 I stood for election to the local council in a rural suburb of my home town, and decided to produce a short film that documented my experience. The following is my director statement:

I’m the singer for the Bradford Punk band, 1919. Like many artists within our genre I’m inspired by societal struggle and change, and this short film tells the story of my endeavour to practice what I preach.
Filmed on a smartphone, Punk Rock Politics documents the climax of my campaign to become elected to my local council in North Yorkshire. Government at any level can seem impenetrable and aloof, but in reality the process is much more benign. Change is possible, and I hope to show the next generation of activists and progressives that it is possible, and indeed important, to try for it.

The response so far has been insanely positive. In 2017, Punk Rock Politics has been an official selection for February's ICE Film Fest in Ohio, and is scheduled to feature at the Workers Unite Film Festival in NYC this May. As a result, I'm now seriously having to look at options for distribution at the end of festival season, which is just about as exciting as it is labourious.

Stay tuned for updates. x